The Mickey Mouse RC Buggy – allows little ones to drive the car forward or perform a reverse spin

The Mickey Mouse RC Buggy (limited stocks available here) is perfect for kids ages 3 years old and above who wants to remotely control their favorite Mickey Mouse buggy using a very easy to use remote control.

Thanks to this uniquely designed RC Buggy, little fingers will be able to enjoy racing around their favorite Mickey Mouse remote control buggy even from a 100 feet range without any problem.

Mickey Mouse RC Buggy

This 1:14 scale buggy is unique because it can be controlled to not just drive forward and backward but also kids can use it to do some reverse spin using its included easy to use remote.

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Mickey Mouse RC Buggy1

This RC Buggy is perfect when it comes to reaching speed of up to 9mph, thanks to its sturdy suspension system partnered with high-traction tires, roaming around not just inside the house but also outdoors will not be a problem and best of all, it only needs 4 double-a batteries for the buggy and 2 double-a batteries for the remote in order for kids to start enjoying the RC.

You can buy the Mickey Mouse RC Buggy for only $39.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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