The Mario Kart Mini RC Racers – easily stores within its own remote control

Are you looking for a remote control racer that will allow your kids to have fun this Christmas? Give them the Mario Kart Mini RC Racers. (Available Here for only $49.95)

These uniquely designed racers are unique because they are all equipped with dual exhaust partnered with custom hood icons so fanatic kids of Mario, Peach, Yoshi and even Toad will have fun racing against each other.

Mario Kart Mini RC Racers

Equipped with 2.4ghz dual throttle remote control that also acts as a storage case for each Mario Kart, this 1:50 scale kart racer will allow young drivers to race forward and backward or even execute left and right turns without any problem.

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Mario Kart Mini RC Racers 2

The Mario Kart Mini RC Racers can be charged using its included USB charger while the included remote already comes with 2 triple-a batteries so kids ages 6 years old and above can start racing.

You can buy this Mario Kart Racer for only $49.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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