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The Long Range Laser Blaster Set – A laser tag set that allows two players to target each other from up to 100 feet away

The Long Range Laser Blaster Set [SOURCE] is your kids perfect laser tag set capable of allowing 2 players to blast at each other even from 100 feet away.

This laser blaster set is designed to send harmless pulses of infrared light that can be easily detected right at the player’s visor while the flashing LED indicate nearby enemies or even any incoming fire.

The Long Range Laser Blaster Set

The Long Range Laser Blaster Set

This laser tag set even comes with a long range mode to allow the players to engage each other at maximum range plus it even allows the players to manually reload or even simply push a button to convert the barrel’s bottom into a perfect vertical forward grip or even use its rapid fire mode without requiring to reload, perfect for quick fire during close-quarters assaults.

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The Long Range Laser Blaster Set 1

The Long Range Laser Blaster Set allows the players to form a team, simply add another set and they’re good to go. Each blaster is 14 feet long and is perfect for kids ages 8 years old and above.

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