The Little Thrill Seeker’s eKart – The electric ride on that enables young racers to cruise on a sidewalk or driveway at speeds up to 7 mph

The Little Thrill Seeker’s eKart (currently taking orders here) is your kid’s perfect electric ride on simply because it is equipped with powerful motors so wannabe racers can cruise on driveways or sidewalks at speed of up to 7mph without any problem.

This eKart is very easy to operate because it comes with a foot throttle designed to help young racers accelerate and even turn left or right simply by holding on to the handlebar wings and even leaning to either side.

Little Thrill Seekers eKart

The Little Thrill Seeker’s eKart

This electric ride on even comes with an integrated hand brake right at the front of the eKart to enable the kids to bring the electric kart into a safe stop while its sturdy frame will allow riders up to 110lbs navigate around easily.

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Little Thrill Seekers eKart1

This little thrill seeker’s ekart is foldable for easy storage and best of all, it can provide up to 50mins of fun cruising when fully charged via AC. Measures only 31.5x29x9 inches in length, width and diameter respectively and only weighs 19lbs.

You can buy the electric ride on eKart for only $279.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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