The Line And Color Following Robot – challenges children to lead a robot through various mazes using colored tiles

If you are looking for an activity set that will allow your kids to learn the basics of coding, then give them this Line and Color Following Robot. –Currently Taking Orders Here.

This uniquely designed coding activity set is perfect for wannabe coders simply because it will challenge them how to guide the robot through different mazes, colored tiles and maps, it even comes with an integrated color sensor capable of detecting replaceable color coded discs designed to direct the robot to turn left-to-right, straight and even do some full stop.

Line Color Following Robot

The Line And Color Following Robot

This activity set uses the elements of the STEM curriculum and because it does not use any computer app, kids will surely enjoy their very own idea on how to lead the robot to complete its mission.

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Line Color Following Robot 2

The Line and Color Following Robot already includes up to 81 maze tiles, 32 color coding tiles and best of all, an easy to use book equipped with 60 different challenges perfect for kids ages 5 years old and above.

You can buy this coding activity set for kids for only $69.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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