The Light Up Teaching Fishing Game – teaches children about colors, numbers, and animals

The Light Up Teaching Fishing Game (check here to order) is your kids perfect interactive fishing game set simply because besides its colorful design, this fishing game also teaches your kids about animals, colors and even numbers.

This interactive fishing game already includes an easy to use fishing pole equipped with illuminated magnetic bobber so kids can easily capture the included different forms of sea creatures.

Light Up Teaching Fishing Game

The Light Up Teaching Fishing Game

The included bobber on the other hand not just lights up clearly so kids can clearly see captured clam, seahorse, octopus, pufferfish, lobster, crab and even marlin.

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Light Up Teaching Fishing Game1

This interactive Fishing Game also features a fishing pole capable of playing educational songs about animals, colors and numbers while its included pretend pond play mat and catch bucket are just some of the features wannabe fish catchers will have fun time at home every time.

You can buy the interactive fishing game for only $39.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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