The Lifelike Companion Cat – looks, feels, and sounds like a real cat

The Lifelike Companion Cat is your kids perfect companion especially if they love to hug or touch just like the real cat but of course without worrying about feeding them every time.

Thanks to this uniquely designed plush cat that really looks, feels and even sounds just like its real counterpart, it even allows your kids to cause the cat to meow simply by touching the plush cat’s sensors strategically located at the back of the cat.

Lifelike Companion Cat

The Lifelike Companion Cat

Perfect for kids and adults alike, this plush feline offers companionship but with less stress of cleaning litter boxes, grooming or even buying vet bills, thanks to the cat’s synthetic yet soft fur where kids can easily touch and even brush just like its lifelike counterpart’s coat.

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Lifelike Companion Cat1

The Lifelike Companion Cat only weighs 4lbs and needs 4 c-batteries and best of all, you can choose different colors like orange, black and white Tuxedo or even silver with white mitts.

You can buy the plush feline for only $129.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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