The LEGO Technic RC Off Road Buggy – it allows kids to build then drive and perform stunts using a smartphone or tablet

The LEGO Technic RC Off Road Buggy (available here) is your kids perfect remote controlled off road buggy simply because it allows them not just to have fun building their favorite RC but at the same time drive and also perform some stunts.

This motorized off road buggy will allow kids to control the buggy using their favorite tablet or phone and because it is engineered with unique suspension partnered with oversized off road tires, performing their favorite stunts will not be a problem.

LEGO Technic RC Off Road Buggy

The LEGO Technic RC Off Road Buggy

Equipped with a total of 374 pieces of easy to snap LEGO blocks, this off roading vehicle is unique because it can even tackle different types of terrain so whether they’re playing indoors or outdoors, enjoying it is now even more fun and exciting every time.

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LEGO Technic RC Off Road Buggy

This motorized RC Off Road Buggy already comes with a free application to provide RC fanatics the perfect control for accelerating and steering different stunts complete with different sound effects and best of all, it will allow other RC buggy owners to challenge one another. Measures only 5×6.5×11 inches in height, width and length respectively.

You can buy the motorized 374 piece LEGO Technic Off Road Buggy for only $149.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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