The LEGO Star Wars Tie Bomber – allows kids to channel their dark side as they recreate galactic battles from the Star Wars Movie

Ideal for kids who are Star Wars fanatics, now you can relive the galactic battles from your favorite movie – Star Wars with the LEGO Star Wars Tie Bomber.

Equipped with 625 easy to snap LEGO pieces, kids can recreate their favorite TIE Bomber in order for them to explore their dark side complete with authentic curved wings partnered with an iconic cockpit that opens easily.

LEGO Star Wars Tie Bomber

This iconic tie bomber is designed to hold a powerful fighter capable of dropping torpedoes straight to the rebel and because it was also designed to include stud shooters, keeping the tie bomber always safe will not be a problem.

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LEGO Star Wars Tie Bomber 2

The LEGO Star Wars Tie Bomber also comes with mini figures including kids favorite Darth Vader as well as vice Admiral Sloane just perfect for letting the kids tell or role play the perfect Star Wars movie at home with their friends. 

You can buy this LEGO Tie Bomber for only $79.95 with lifetime guarantee and satisfaction.

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