The LEGO Minecraft The Panda Haven – kids can form a giant panda that doubles as a three-story house

The LEGO Minecraft Panda Haven is perfect for kids ages 8 years old and above who love to play with LEGO pieces just to form their favorite Minecraft thing.

Thanks to this easy to snap LEGO pieces, forming giant pandas and even a 3-story house all based on Minecraft is now possible at home.

LEGO Minecraft Panda Haven

With this 553 easy to snap LEGO pieces, kids can form a panda shaped 3 story building, it even allows them to position in standing or sitting form because it has 4-legs which is perfect to show a fully furnished home.

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LEGO Minecraft Panda Haven 2

The LEGO Minecraft Panda Haven already comes with a bamboo jungle partnered with a pair of panda and jungle explorer characters with unfriendly skeleton ready to entice young LEGO fanatics to enjoy building Minecraft based houses and more.

You can buy this 553 easy to snap LEGO pieces based on Minecraft for only $69.95.

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