The LEGO Friends Beach Glamping Playset – provides kids with a luxurious seafront setting for glamping on the beach with their friends

The LEGO Friends Beach Glamping Playset (available here) is another great addition to your LEGO Friends collection simply because it is capable of providing your kids with a nice seafront setting for them to enjoy with their friends at home.

If you love our LEGO Street Food Market Set then this playset will be your next option simply because besides enjoying a camping style wherein kids will enjoy different beach amenities, allowing them to explore the beach coastline will be more fun and exciting.

LEGO Friends Beach Glamping Playset

The LEGO Friends Beach Glamping Playset

This LEGO playset already includes a centerpiece fully loaded with a tent complete with fabric cover, it even comes with a spinning wind turbine designed to provide enough power lights and while exploring the seafront for hunting shells and even making sandcastles will not be a problem every time.

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LEGO Friends Beach Glamping Playset1

The LEGO Friends Beach Glamping Playset will even allow beach explorers to enjoy catching fishes, cooked them on the included stove and while waiting for them to be cooked, relaxing on the included bunk beds while looking at the campfire and eating toasted marshmallows will not be a problem and best of all, it already includes other important accessories to make the play time as lively as possible together with the included mini figures. Weighs only 1.5lbs and only measures 6×10 inches in height and width respectively.

You can buy this 380-piece LEGO playset for only $59.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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