The LEGO DUPLO Animal World – combines the excitement of LEGO with children’s love for animals

The LEGO DUPLO Animal World (available here) is your kids perfect LEGO set simply because it is designed to provide young animal lovers to explore their love for animals.

Thanks to its included 121 easy to build bricks like different animal figures, habitat and a lot more where small hands can have all their time explore the excitement of developing their STEM skills at home anytime with their family and friends.

LEGO DUPLO Animal World

The LEGO DUPLO Animal World

The included interlocking bricks are very easy to snap together so every time the kids will form their favorite forest, savanna or even those tropical beaches and different terrain will not be a problem.

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LEGO DUPLO Animal World1

This LEGO DUPLO set also includes a van, airplane, surfboard and even a canoe so kids explore not just the world of animals below but also explore how to transport them above the air or even at the sea level just perfect for kids ages up to 5 years of age.

You can buy the Animal LEGO set for only $129.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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