The Learn To Play Baby Grand Piano – teaches aspiring pianists to play with visual digital aids and a built-in metronome

The Learn To Play Baby Grand Piano is not just unique when it comes to providing your kids with an amazingly designed piano instrument that not just capable of sounding a perfect quality sound and at the same time allow them to develop their interest in playing piano.

Equipped with integrated metronome and digital visual aids, this small yet powerful piano for kids is just your perfect answer to teach young pianists their first step on playing grand piano.

Baby Grand Piano

This grand piano for kids already includes a huge 3 inches LCD screen right above the keyboard so kids can easily see those animated keys, the left and right hand to be used and also the metronome, it even comes with demo songs where kids can learn or listen through the piano’s integrated speaker.

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Baby Grand Piano1

This Learn To Play Piano can be set to practice only their left, right or both hands, thanks to its customization settings, parents can easily set different levels tailored to their kids skill level and best of all, it can also record, playback and even add background drum beats to make learning fun and interactive every time.

You can buy the Baby Grand Piano for only $129.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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