The Laser Battling RC Cars – the remote-controlled cars outfitted with infrared lasers for the ultimate automobile battle

The Laser Battling RC Cars are your kids perfect remote controlled toys simply because these cars are equipped with infrared laser cannons so kids can enjoy the ultimate rc car battle at home with other rc fanatics.

These remote control cars are unique because besides its included firing cannons, they’re also built with a unique driving system so kids can maneuver these 4-wheeler cars in different directions including those 360 degrees spins and even the side to side crab walk.

Laser Battling RC Cars

The Laser Battling RC Cars

These rc cars when struck by its included lasers will flash lights informing opponents that they’ve been hit, it even triggers its included sound effects to make automobile battle a fun thing to do indoors or outdoors.

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Laser Battling RC Cars1

These RC Cars with laser cannons already come with 2.4ghz remotes designed to control the RC vehicles for up to 50 feet and best of all, each car can be controlled autonomously so owners can battle against a microprocessor controlled car anytime.

You can buy the remote controlled cars with laser cannons for only $129.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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