The Kids Wooden Drum Playset – An award winning drum kit for kids ages 3 and up

The Kids Wooden Drum Playset —[SOURCE]—is not just winner when it comes to providing young drummers with some fun rock and roll jamming but at the same time an award winning drum kit to encourage them to become the rock and roll star some day.

This wooden drum playset are perfectly scaled just for small hands out there who can’t wait to imitate their favorite rock stars or simply to keep the beat on their own, at home every time they want to rock and rollin.

The Kids Wooden Drum Playset

The Kids Wooden Drum Playset

This wooden drum kit already includes a sturdy tripod, a pair of miniature drums, rhythm sticks and even a tiny cymbal and a scraper enough to help them with their upcoming family concert.

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The Kids Wooden Drum Playset 1

The Kids Wooden Drum Playset is perfect for kids who wants to develop their love of music as well as develop their motor skills and hand and eye coordination and best of all, it is made with solid and sustainable wood partnered with child-safe paint so it can withstand even up to the most energetic drummers out there.

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