The Jalopy Jungle Gym – A uniquely designed activity car for kids with sandbox and slide

The Jalopy Jungle Gym [SOURCE] is a stationary vehicle for kids designed to provide an engaging afternoon activities found just like those of their favorite playground at the park.

This activity car for kids already includes a sand right under the car’s hood and a slide rather than a backseat enough to provide little ones with some park entertainment right at their very own backyard.

The Jalopy Jungle Gym

Jalopy Jungle Gym

This Jungle Gym even includes a door that swings open just like one of those ordinary car door plus it also includes a steering wheel partnered with electric horn so even those non-licensed little car drivers can experience fast paced driving.

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The Jalopy Jungle Gym is constructed using sturdy ABS capable of supporting kids up to 110lbs. and can withstand unrestrained play and best of all, it has a nice place for crawling through. Comes with 3 button batteries and requires sand for its included sandbox. Weighs 36.5lbs and only measures 7.5x3x2 ¼ inches in length, height and width respectively.

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