The Instant Sun Protecting Playpen – pops up in two seconds to provide protection from the sun for a child

Looking for a perfect sun protection for your kids this summer? Give them the Instant Sun Protecting Playpen —[SOURCE]—, an easy to use playpen capable of popping up in just a matter of seconds, perfect for providing your kids the protection needed from the sun.

This playpen uses pop and release fiberglass partnered with sturdy frame that locks easily into place of course without unfolding, tethering or even staking.

The Instant Sun Protecting Playpen

The Instant Sun Protecting Playpen

Thanks to the playpen’s patented pop-up and release feature, providing kids with the perfect sun protection so they can have a place to play with at their very own backyard is now possible.

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The Instant Sun Protecting Playpen 1

The Instant Playpen is huge enough to accommodate multiple parents and children, it even comes with side panels, UV shade to protect the entire structure from the sun and an open top for some fresh air to come in and best of all, it already includes a travel bag so you can bring it anywhere you go.

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