The Inflatable Lake Slide – Now kids can enjoy water sliding anytime

Made from a uniquely designed PVC, the Inflatable Lake Slide is perfect for providing kids a fun and thrilling water slide every time.

This compact Inflatable Lake Slide is capable of defying scratches and tears, thanks to its sturdy and UV protected construction, now you can enjoy water sliding anytime and anywhere.

The Inflatable Lake Slide

The Inflatable Lake Slide

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This Inflatable Lake Slide inflates in just a matter of minutes and can assist sliders of up to 200lbs while its 9 feet long gliding surface toughened by 2 air chambers will definitely provide a fun sliding any time. Just dock this inflatable lake slide securely on a lakeside dock and you’re good to go.

The Inflatable Lake Slide already comes with a 12v electric air inflator and 2 vinyl handles so sliders can have fun safely and securely.

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