The Infant’s Sleep Inducing Lamb – Your kids perfect buddy at home

The Infant’s Sleep Inducing Lamb is not just a perfect buddy for your kids at home but at the same time a unique companion for keeping your infant soothes to sleep in comfort simply because this lamb has lots of unique features including its non-toxic and hypoallergenic padded polyester bed that can be used as a place for sleeping or for that cozy place for belly time at home.

The Infant's Sleep Inducing Lamb

The Infant’s Sleep Inducing Lamb

This Infant Sleep Inducing Lamb also features different sound elements that is carefully hidden right at the lamb’s billowy together with a pillow-like head the uniquely plays unique sounds such as mom’s heartbeat, some rain showers, ocean surf and harmonic whale song that can easily be played by simply pressing a button.

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This sleep inducing lamb has a very easy to open and clean mat while its non-slip backing is just perfect for securing the mat in place every time. Ideal for newborn and kids alike, weighs 4.5lbs. and already includes 2 double A batteries so kids can play with the lamb’s sleep inducing sound right away.

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