The Human Bowling Ball – with 7 feet inflatable ball and 5 feet tall foam pins

You want to play bowling game? Try the Human Bowling Ball, but instead of using a real bowling ball, the players are challenge to get inside a transparent 7 feet diameter inflatable ball, assume rolling simply by running forward inside the ball in order to knock over 6 pieces of 5 feet tall foam pins.

The Human Bowling Ball


The Human Bowling Ball

This inflatable set already comes with an air blower, a 3 feet high lane boundary and 4 stakes used to firmly secure the lane to the ground.

This Human Bowling Ball is constructed using a rip and tear, mold and fade resistant vinyl that can endure years of fun bowling.

Design for kids 5 years and above, this inflatable bowling ball measures 40x17x3 feet length, width and height and weighs 280lbs.


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