The Home Boulderboard – delivers a full-body workout as climbers hone their skills

The Home Boulderboard –[SOURCE]– is capable of delivering full body exercise while at the same time sharpen your climbing skills without going somewhere because this boulderboard allows you to enjoy climbing and exercising right at the comfort of your very own home gym.

This climbing board only occupies only little space yet it has a climbing surface of 10×4 feet in length and width and has an angled surface of up to 50 degrees complete with up to 175 holding placements.

The Home Boulderboard

The Home Boulderboard

This full body workout climber board allows the owner to easily insert its included 40 pieces of colored training holds perfect in creating your very own custom boulder problems, great if you want to use your own body weight to improve your endurance, balance and even your strength.

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The Home Boulderboard 1

The Home Boulderboard is made with steel frame partnered with sturdy climbing panels from from ¾ inches plywood and best of all, it also includes a 4×6 feet crash pad partnered with 1.5 inches of dual foam padding perfect for that soft landing you’ve been looking for in a climbing board.

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