The High Definition Video Drone – Equipped with high-efficiency propellers and six built-in gyros to enable mid-air stability during hard banks or figure-eights

The High Definition Video Drone >>>[SOURCE]<<< is not just capable of simulating perfect in-flight experience but at the same time unique because this drone is also capable of recording HD videos using its included high definition camera.

This drone even comes with a free application for Android and iOS so owners can easily view a live stream of the drone’s footage straight to your favorite Android or iOS devices of course at a resolution of 720p.

The High Definition Video Drone

High Definition Video Drone

This video drone already includes an easy to use remote control to allow the owner to easily operate the drone’s movement and because this model is equipped with four(4) 5.5 long unique propellers partnered with integrated gyros to provide that perfect lift without worrying about its stability specially when performing hard banks or even figure-eights.

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The High Definition Video Drone 1

The High Definition Video Drone stores high definition video footage using microSD card or using a smartphone and best of all, it also includes a headset where owners can slide their favorite gadget and operate it at a 100 feet range. This video drone can provide up to 14 minutes of flight time when fully charged. Weighs only 5oz.

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