The Heavens And Earth Educating Globe – Teaches kids about geography, history, cultures and languages

You want to teach your kids about the Earth’s surrounding and its properties? Give them The Heavens and Earth Educating Globe [SOURCE], a talking and glowing globe with lots of activities that your kids can learn like different cultures and languages, history and of course geography.

With The Heavens and Earth Educating Globe, kids can also learn about world currencies, constellations and a lot more, thanks to its included smart pen and its integrated speaker, listening to narration about one’s culture or looking at the heavens that is projected on the globe surface is just easy and entertaining.

The Heavens And Earth Educating Globe

Additional activities are already provided plus this educational globe is designed for up to 4 players where they can compete against clock to find cities, countries and capitals.

The Heavens And Earth Educating Globe 2

The Heavens and Earth Educating Globe also allows kids to learn different national anthem, you can even update the content of the globe via your kids personal computer running Win7. Just use the included USB cable, connect to the internet and you’re good to go.

This educational globe also comes with a headphone jack and is designed for kids ages 5 and above. This globe weighs 8lbs. and measures 16×13 inches in height and diameter.

Visit the [PRODUCT PAGE] for more information or [CLICK HERE] for customer review.

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