The Head to Head Tabletop Basketball Shootout – the tabletop electronic basketball game that pits two players against each other in a contest

You want your kids to enjoy and help improve their shooting accuracy when playing basketball? Give them the Head to Head Tabletop Basketball Shootout. (Available Here)

Equipped with 2 ball launchers, players simply launch the ball using the included catapult straight towards the basket, it even comes with an in-game sound effects to make basketball shooting not just an ordinary contest but fun to play with every time.

Electronic Tabletop Basketball Shootout

The Head to Head Tabletop Basketball Shootout

This electronic basketball game even features a huge LED scoreboard designed to help players see clearly their scores and even look at the remaining time before the buzzer ends.

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Electronic Tabletop Basketball Shootout 2

The Head to Head Tabletop Basketball Shootout is unique because at the final 15 seconds of the contest, the score of each basket will increase from 2pts to 3pts, enough to add fun and excitement to both players competing against each other.

You can buy this electronic basketball game for only $39.95 with lifetime guarantee and satisfaction.

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