The Hamster Drag Strip – You kids 2 parallel chute racetracks for rodent racers

You want to see your favorite pets hyperactively race towards the finish line and see who’s the greatest rodent racer of all time? Check the Hamster Drag Strip [SOURCE], a 2 parallel chute racetrack that uniquely pit mice, hamsters or guinea pigs so they can compete with each other in a furry and funny footrace.

The Hamster Drag Strip

The Hamster Drag Strip

The Hamster Drag Strip’s 7 foot long chutes are designed to be easy and safe to use for both players and competitors, thanks to its sturdy yet clear plastic construction, watching the competition going while at the same time keeps your beloved pets in a safer playing environment.

The Hamster Drag Strip 2

This Hamster Drag Strip racetrack also features an easy to clean and uniquely printed vinyl mat where the 2 parallel chutes rest just enough to remind you of those drag racing vintage look full of cheering fanatics at both sides.

Worry about racer’s lane violation? No problem, because the Hamster Drag Strip also comes with an easy to hook and loop fasteners so chutes can be positioned securely in place every time you race.

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