The Grow With Me Alphabet Learning Train – An interactive train designed to teach kids motor skills, letters, numbers, and animals

The Grow With Me Alphabet Learning Train (SOURCE) is designed to help your kids learn not just letters but also numbers, animals and even help them develop their motor skills through active play.

This interactive train is unique because it allows the owner to convert from a ride-on to a wheeled walker where parents can guide their kids to help them develop their balance in order to learn how to walk on their own as they grow.

Alphabet Learning Train

The Grow With Me Alphabet Learning Train

Equipped with 10 locomotive activities where kids can learn their first letters, numbers and even colors complete with sound or phrase, it even comes with a walkie talkie and a built-in storybook for some role play and even learning songs in a fun way.

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Alphabet Learning Train1

The Grow With Me Alphabet Learning Train has a caboose where parents can detach them so kids can use it as a wagon for playing and storing toys and even allow the parents to pull them anytime and best of all, it only measures 34×17.5×93/4 inches in length, width and diameter respectively and weighs only 6lbs.

You can buy the interactive train for kids for only $79.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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