The Giant Marshmallow Blaster Arcade – With electronic targets that automatically detect and track accuracy

The Giant Marshmallow Blaster Arcade —[SOURCE]— is your kids perfect blaster capable of launching marshmallows straight to their target.

This blaster is equipped with auto detect and track accuracy function so kids can enjoy blasting their targets with accuracy of course don’t forget to recharge or you’ll end up loosing your targets.

The Giant Marshmallow Blaster Arcade

The Giant Marshmallow Blaster Arcade

This marshmallow blaster arcade works easily and can be recharge simply by pulling back on the blaster’s plunger, just insert a marsmallow into the muzzle, squeeze the trigger to start blasting at a range of up to 40 feet.

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The Giant Marshmallow Blaster Arcade 1

The Giant Mashmallow Blaster Arcade allows young gunners to practice their accuracy individually or have some multiple players to compete knocking down 3 targets and best of all, it only weighs 2lbs enough for young gunners hand to knock down all the included 3 target for an award.

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