The Giant Inflatable Blue Whale – An inflatable cetacean that bears up to three children during epic pool voyages

The Giant Inflatable Blue Whale [SOURCE] is not just perfect for your kids epic pool voyages but at the same time their perfect inflatable cetacean because it can bear up to 3 kids to make it a unique and of course friendly form of a benign whale.

This inflatable whale is made from a sturdy PVC and is equipped with bulb-shaped head and toothy maw to make it more striking yet harmless whale pool ride for your kids this summer.

The Giant Inflatable Blue Whale

The Giant Inflatable Blue Whale

This giant inflatable whale also comes with 4 handles located strategically right at the whale’s broad back so kids can easily hold every time the whale flips around plus it even comes with wide tail fluke twin flippers capable of providing nice and stable platform so kids can enjoy different water adventure.

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The Giant Inflatable Blue Whale is capable of supporting kids up to 200lbs. and can be easily inflate using your favorite electric air pump.

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