The Gesture Controlled Gyrobot – A robot that quips OK when it accepts command, snores or even grumble when it falls or sleep

Is your kid’s robot capable of quipping ok when it accepts command? How about snoring or even grumbling when it falls or sleep? Well, these are just one of the tricks this gyrobot is capable of simply because it responds to your hand signals and is responsive enough that every master’s hand motion keeps him busy.

Introducing the Gesture Controlled Gyrobot [SOURCE], a robot that balances and moves nicely in upright position, thanks to the bot’s uniquely designed gyroscope built-in so it can respond to your command easily.

The Gesture Controlled Gyrobot

The Gesture Controlled Gyrobot

This gesture controlled gyrobot comes with autonomous modes designed to help the robot navigate easily even on places with obstacles, you can even program the bot to memorize 50 different movements that the robot can repeat every time you clap.

The Gesture Controlled Gyrobot 1

This gyrobot also allows the owner to use a free app on your tablet or smart phone to control his route or even guide him with on-screen buttons, simply download the app to your tablet or smartphone running android 4.3 or atleast iOS 7 and you’re good to go.

The Gesture Controlled Gyrobot 2

Perfect for kids ages 8 and above and requires 4x aaa batteries to keep the bot busy.

Check the rest of the features [HERE].

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