The Gentle Giant T-Rex – A giant plush t-rex that stands over four feet tall perfect for dinosaur-obsessed child

The Gentle Giant T-Rex [SOURCE] is a 4 feet tall plush t-rex design specially for dinosaur-obsessed kids who want to have a perfect companion to make him the center of attraction specially to her friends and of course her family member every time.

This friendly plush t-rex predator is unique as compared to other scaly green skin t-rex toys out there simply because this giant t-rex is gentle because it is covered with multi-colored and soft material perfect for some energetic hugs every time.

The Gentle Giant T-Rex

The Gentle Giant T-Rex

This giant T-Rex is constructed using sturdy wire-frame and has wide feet partnered with 30 inches tail enough to give some excitement not just for the entire family but also to your kid’s friends.

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The Gentle Giant T-Rex 1

The Gentle Giant T-Rex can stand on his own and is always ready to embark on your kid’s imaginary adventures. Perfect for kids ages 3 years old and above. Weighs 6.5lbs and measures 50x39x13 inches in height, width and length.

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