The Full Immersion Video Drone – records high-definition video and simulates an immersive in-flight experience

The Full Immersion Video Drone [SOURCE] is unique when it comes to simulating steep in-flight experience but at the same time unique because this drone is also capable of recording high definition videos just enough to capture every action you are having every time.

This video drone allows the owner to use the drone’s high definition camera together with its included iOS or Android application to view live streaming at 720p footages straight to your favorite smart phone.

The Full Immersion Video Drone

The Full Immersion Video Drone

This drone even includes an easy to use remote control for maneuvering different movements while its long and high efficiency propellers will simply provide a perfect lift of course in perfect mid-air balance, thanks to its unique 6 integrated gyros, performing hard banks and even figure-eights will not be a problem.

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The Full Immersion Video Drone 1

The Full Immersion Video Drone even allows the owner to use the included app to operate the drone with their smartphone or even use them for storing different high-definition footages using your device existing memory card and best of all, it has a nice headset where users can easily slide their favorite smartphone for easy controlling even at 100 feet range.

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