The Fly and Learn Drone – Your kids quadcopter that allows them to focus less on steering and more on fun

The Fly and Learn Drone [SOURCE] is not just one of those ordinary drone out there because this toy is very easy to use, fun and at the same time educational, thanks to the drone’s unique feature, kids can now program the flight path, teach the drone with different skills like dance to the beat of your kids favorite music.

This educational drone can be controlled via its included free application and because it comes with a self-stabilizing mechanism, keeping the quadcopter aloft above using its included wireless controller is now possible, easy and of course more fun and exciting.

The Fly and Learn Drone

The Fly and Learn Drone

Besides its educational feature, this toy even challenges your kids to have some fun light game simply by selecting and tapping the colored icon that matches with the propellers color, every correct answer will send the drone rising and drops down with every wrong answer.

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You want to choreograph your drone’s flipping, spinning and even dancing moves? No problem because kids can simply drag and drop the sequence with ease.

The Fly and Learn Drone is equipped with unique sensor capable of sensing and avoiding any obstacles just perfect for some indoor entertainment and best of all, it already includes a removable battery that can be charged via its included USB cable.

Watch the drone learn and fly [HERE].

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