The Feline’s Dancing Air-Stream Toy – the electronic pet toy that taps into a cat’s natural instinct to play, hunt, and catch

Are you looking for a perfect toy for your favorite cat? Try the Feline’s Dancing Air-Stream Toy.

This uniquely designed electronic pet toy is your perfect answer simply because besides providing you cat with an instant playmate, enjoying the hunting and catching scene with the help of this air-stream toy is now possible at home.

This electronic pet toy already includes a built-in fan designed to make the included ribbon to randomly flip, dance and turn enough to mimic the different movements of a bird or butterfly.

Dancing Air-Stream Toy

Equipped with a sturdy base partnered with an optical sensor designed to help detect a cat’s movement, this toy even automatically shuts off just to trigger the cat’s hunting instinct and because the included base rolls and wobbles, enticing your best pet to have fun will not be a problem.

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Dancing Air-Stream Toy 2

The Feline’s Dancing Air-Stream Toy is made with sturdy material partnered with ribbon made with nylon fabric and best of all, it already includes an optional timer. Weighs only 13oz and only measures 5×63/4 inches in height and diameter respectively.

You can buy this electronic pet toy for only $49.95 with lifetime guarantee and satisfaction.

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