The Electric Gyroboard Transporter – An electric hover e-ride that travels up to 4 miles after a one-hour charge

Capable of traveling up to 4 miles, the Electric Gyroboard Transporter is a uniquely designed transporter packed with Gyro sensors partnered with accelerometers located on both wheels capable of detecting even the slightest pressure of the rider’s feet.

The Electric Gyroboard Transporter

The Electric Gyroboard Transporter

This electric gyroboard transporter propels nicely forward simply by pressing down the rider’s toes of both feet while leaning on the rider’s heels will stop the transporter or moves backward. This electric transporter is also capable of turning left or right or even spins at 360 degrees simply by pressing one foot to the direction the rider’s want to go to.

The Electric Gyroboard Transporter 1

The Gyroboard Transporter has a wide wheel base partnered with internal gyro stabilization designed to maintain the balance of the rider and best of all, the electric gyroboard also comes with 2 powerful electric motor capable of propelling the device of up to 6mph on flat surfaces and is capable of climbing even at 15 degrees inclines.

This electric transporter already includes an AC adapter and can support riders of up to 225lbs.

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