The Draw and Learn Digital Creative Easel – teaches kids how to draw simple shapes and how to correctly write letters and numbers

The Draw and Learn Digital Creative Easel is unique when it comes to teaching kids how to draw basic shapes simply because it already includes an integrated LED lights that provides an outline to trace so kids can easily follow of course using its included electronic pen.

This creative easel also allows young artists to easily learn how to write letters and numbers correctly, thanks to its easy to use digital dry erase board surface, drawing and even writing letters and numbers not just learning them is now possible at home.

Draw Learn Digital Creative Easel

Draw Learn Digital Creative Easel

This digital easel even comes with a unique control panel that allows your kids to choose different activities or even easily adjust the light brightness.

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Draw Learn Digital Creative Easel 1

This digital easel even includes an integrated speaker loaded with songs so kids can enjoy their favorite music while drawing or better yet, let them flip the easel over to make it a standard chalkboard or fold it down to convert it into a table for some free form hand writing and drawing every time. This easel only weighs 8lbs.

You can buy the draw and learn digital creative easel for $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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