The Double Bounce Trampoline – Equipped with dual-layer rebounding platform that provides a high performance bounce with softer landings

The Double Bounce Trampoline [SOURCE] is a high performance trampoline equipped with dual-layer platform with softer landings so kids can enjoy bouncing back and forth without any problem.

This trampoline is UV resistant and uses polypropylene double platform as its shock absorber designed to lessen any impact force on the kids joints yet increases the bounce height perfect for multiple jumpers enjoying all at the same time.

The Double Bounce Trampoline

The Double Bounce Trampoline

Besides its sturdy construction system, the trampoline’s galvanized spring can be easily adjusted in order to accommodate different weights and age and because it also features a high netted enclosure, doing 360 degrees bouncing without worrying about protection is now possible and enjoyable.

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The Double Bounce Trampoline also features 8 sturdy foam padded poles that uniquely flex inward specially if the jumpers impacts the net simply because it absorbs the force by returning the jumper back to the surface without any problem and best of all, its included canopy and basketball hoop will definitely add some fun time.

Watch the trampoline in action [HERE].

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