The Detailed LEGO R2-D2 Set – allows kids to recreate the feisty astromech droid from the Star Wars saga easily

The Detailed LEGO R2-D2 Set (available here) allows Star Wars fanatics to recreate their favorite astromech droid in an incredibly detailed R2-D2 model easily at home with their family or friends.

Thanks to the included easy to snap 2314 pieces of LEGO set, creating a nearly 1:3 scale R2D2 model will surely become the perfect display at home together with other Star Wars LEGO characters they already have.

LEGO R2-D2 Set

The Detailed LEGO R2-D2 Set

This R2D2 Lego Set is unique because kids can’t just create their favorite droid but also allows them to add all the necessary authenticity details like its retractable mid leg, extendable front hatches as well as the rotating head and of course that periscope where kids can easily pulled them up and turned.

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LEGO R2-D2 Set1

The Detailed LEGO R2-D2 Set is unique because it even keeps the lightsaber of Skywalker hidden right at the droid’s head compartment and best of all, it also comes with a display stand where kids easily build together with the information plaque. Weighs only 61/4lbs and only measures 12.5×7.5×6 inches in height, width and diameter respectively.

You can buy the feisty astromech droid from the Star Wars saga for only $229.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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