The Day And Night Backyard Zipline – You kids 100 feet zipline with built-in LEDs for nighttime ride

The Day and Night Backyard Zipline —[SOURCE]— already includes all the necessary tools to provide kids ages 8 years old and above their very own backyard zipline.

The Day And Night Backyard Zipline

Day And Night Backyard Zipline

This backyard zipline is not just perfect for day to day ride because it also comes with a built-in seat equipped with 30 LEDs for that nighttime backyard rides with their friends.

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The Day And Night Backyard Zipline 1

This 100 feet zipline is very easy to assemble and already includes a galvanized steel cable where owners can easily wrap around 2 trees at an incline so kids can easily zip from end to the other, it even includes a sturdy pulley rubber grip handles to make the ride safe and fun activity day and night.

The Day and Night Backyard Zipline also includes a steel trolley with sealed ball bearings capable of providing a nice yet safe gliding across the cable while its include spring braking system allows riders to easily slow down or even stop the ride without any problem and best of all, it has an adjustable rope length and seat height so even smaller than 200lbs kids can enjoy zipping any time.

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