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The Creativity Inspiring 3D Print Shop – A 3D Printer capable of cloning any small objects

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Looking for a 3D printer capable of cloning almost any type of small objects so kids can use them for their play time? Give them the Creativity Inspiring 3D Print Shop, a very easy to use 3D printer capable of sparkling a kid’s unique idea simply by helping them create a clone of a toy, figurine and even their favorite jewelry.

The 3 Dimensional Printer —[check THIS PAGE for price and other info.]— works without using any complicated 3 dimensional modeling software because it utilizes a patented and reusable cloning compound in order to make a cast of small objects in 3D.

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3D Print Shop

This 3D Printer works simply by pushing down the printer’s handle to start injecting ink right into the included mold where it hardens and molds any object in just a matter of 90sec creating the perfect duplicate of your kids favorite toys without any problem.

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The Creativity Inspiring 3D Printing Shop already includes different molding plates designed to help wannabe engineers clone other objects in order to help them complete their toy collection and best of all, it already comes with 3D ink cartridges so kids ages 8 years old and above can start cloning 3D objects. Weighs only 2.5lbs.

Check THIS PAGE for price and other important information about the 3D Print Shop.

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