The Complete Junior Drum Set – helps young percussionists learn the basics of the classic instrument

The Complete Junior Drum Set (available here) is the perfect 3 piece drum set for wannabe percussionists out there who want to develop and even learn the basics of playing the instrument.

Thanks to this classic yet complete drum set instrument, kids ages 3 and above will surely love to start hitting the included 16-inch bass drum as well as the 10 inches tom, snare and cymbals.

Complete Junior Drum Set

This drum set is perfect for kids out there who want to play along with their most love songs or better yet, just practice the basics of good beats, thanks to its included durable yet easy to use drum which are made with sturdy wood and steel rim combination, it even comes with a heat resistant drumheads to make sure kids will enjoy the basics of playing solos and even those unique fills that they can develop without any problem.

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Complete Junior Drum Set1

The Complete Junior Drum Set already comes with a pair of drumsticks made with wooden material partnered with comfy seats so kids can start drumming.

You can buy the three-piece drum set for kids for only $259.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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