The Complete Classic Board Game Compendium – A hardwood coffee table box that stores eight classic board games

Planning to play some classic board games this weekend? Use the Complete Classic Board Game Compendium —[SOURCE]—, a uniquely designed coffee table box that already stores 8 classic board games so you and your family can enjoy all those popular board games anytime anywhere.

Equipped with 24 checker and 32 chess pieces where players can share the same board while the reverse side will allow them to play backgammon games.


Complete Classic Board Game Compendium

This board game compendium even comes with 28 domino tiles, playing cards cribbage board and a lot more so whatever comes to your mind or want some different games, you can access them easily.

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This Board Game Compendium even includes a poker set and yatzy dice just perfect for kids ages 8 years old and above who wants to have some fun with their friends anytime anywhere and best of all, it only measures 14sq x4 inches in height and only weighs 8 3/4lbs.

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