The Compacting Garbage Truck – A fully functional and manually operated garbage truck for kids

The Compacting Garbage Truck [SOURCE] is perfect for wannabe sanitation engineers who are looking for a fully functional and human operated garbage truck that they can play on, thanks to its uniquely included dumpster, deploying it and scoping out backyard trash is now more fun and entertaining.

This garbage truck for kids already includes a toy refuse bin where kids will enjoy loading up trash like crayons and toys into the cargo bay and then compact its content while its hinged bay door lift open to dispose toy-filled junks easily.

The Compacting Garbage Truck

The Compacting Garbage Truck

This fully functional garbage truck is equipped with large plastic wheels design to stamp down dirt, sand and even gravel comfortably making it an ideal pretend play inside their favorite playing room or outside with their friends.

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The Compacting Garbage Truck is perfect for kids ages 3 and above, measures 26×10.5×14.5 inches in length, width and height. Weighs only 8lbs.

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