The Climb Draw and Play Fort Set – encourages physical activity, creative imagination, and pretend play

The Climb Draw and Play Fort Set —[SOURCE]— is a uniquely designed fort capable of encouraging young minds to have a physical activity with their friends at home, thanks to its unique a-frame construction system, enjoying rock climbing and more is now possible at home.

This play fort set enables your kids to enhance their creative imagination by doing some pretend play, thanks to the playset’s climb function partnered with second side wall with integrated drawing board, developing that mountain climbing or even allowing them to draw their favorite character right at the included dry-erase board will simply give your kids fun time every time.

The Climb Draw and Play Fort Set

The Climb, Draw, and Play Fort Set

This climb draw and play set has a front and back covered with canvas curtains partnered with a cottage facade containing the important entry and or exit flap at the front with small window at the back to make it the complete play set for young explorers at home.

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The Climb, Draw, and Play Fort Set 1

The Climb Draw and Play Fort Set is capable of supporting up to 66lbs and is very easy to fold for storing it anywhere and best of all, it only measures 41 1/4 inches in height, 32.5 inches in diameter and 52 inches in width when fully open. Weighs only 30 1/4lbs.

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