The Classic Magna Doodle – lets budding artists explore their creative visions as they develop STEM and fine motor skills

The Classic Magna Doodle (Available Here) is your kids perfect toy this summer especially if they love to draw pictures, write messages or even play games.

Thanks to this uniquely designed magnetic drawing toy, wannabe artists can now explore their creativity while at the same time developing their motor skills of course without worrying about messing up with inks, paints, markers or even crayons.

Classic Magna Doodle

The Classic Magna Doodle

This Magna Doodle will allow your kids to use the blue drawing board as their canvas where they learn how to doodle, draw and even play games like tic tac toe with the help of the included red magic pen partnered with magnetic stamps.

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Classic Magna Doodle1

The Classic Magna Doodle even features an easy to use eraser tool where kids can simply slide in order to wipe the board clean and best of all, it has a magic pen and stamps that fits nicely and securely into the board just perfect for kids to pass the toy to another artist while at home or traveling. Weighs only 1lb. and only measures 11.5×14.5×1.5 inches in height, width and diameter respectively.

You can buy this magnetic drawing toy for only $29.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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