The Classic Board Game Touchscreen Table – enables individuals to play digital board games and enjoy a variety of interactive apps

The Classic Board Game Touchscreen Table (available here) is perfect if you want to provide your family and friends some board games to enjoy digitally at home.

Thanks to this uniquely designed table equipped with touchscreen partnered with built-in games like scrabble, puzzles, coloring book, monopoly and a lot more interactive apps just perfect for kids and adults alike.

Classic Board Game Touchscreen Table

The Classic Board Game Touchscreen Table

This table is equipped with a 32 inches touch screen designed to enable individuals to enjoy playing interactive games digitally, it is even pre-loaded with over 45 Hasbro games and can be connected to your home’s wireless internet so owners can also download other applications where other players of the game can play in multiplayer games.

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Classic Board Game Touchscreen Table1

The Classic Board Game Touchscreen Table is unique because players can also use its included zoom viewing feature to allow gamers a more personalized perspective regardless of the player’s position and best of all, it has detachable legs so owners can use it on top of a dining table and other surfaces. Measures only 36x27x8 inches in length, width and diameter and weighs only 52lbs.

You can buy the touchscreen table with classic board games for only $1,200 with lifetime guarantee.

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