The Clapping Singing Monkey – delights babies and kids with his happy, clapping singing and playing performances

You want to delight your kids with a happy singing and clapping? Give them this plush monkey —[VIDEO]—, equipped with a 90-second happy clapping and singing performances of course in a child’s voice to entertain monkey lovers out there.

This plus monkey starts singing when its right foot is squeezed while pressing his left foot will play clapping game complete with phrases that allows your kids to play along.

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Clapping Singing Monkey

This plush monkey is made with soft polyester, a cuddle-worthy construction so kids and adults alike will enjoy their entire childhood with some hugging, clapping and singing.

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The Clapping Singing Monkey already comes with 3 double-a batteries and is perfect for kids ages newborn and above and best of all, it only measures 14x6x8 inches in height, length and width.

You may check the rest of the features HERE.

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