The Circuit Builder’s 85 Project Maze Challenge – the circuit builder set that emphasizes STEM principles

You want to teach your kids the principles of STEM? Give them the Circuit Builder’s 85 Project Maze Challenge.

A uniquely designed circuit builder set that will allow young and wannabe scientists, wannabe IT, Engineers and even Mathematicians learn how to construct an electric maze using plastic blocks that can be interconnected easily. –Limited Stocks Order Here

Circuit Builder Maze Challenge

The Circuit Builder’s 85 Project Maze Challenge

This circuit builder set uses unique conductive pins built into different multicolored pieces that can be easily connected in order to complete circuits powered using 3 double-a batteries.

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Circuit Builder Maze Challenge 2

The Circuit Builder’s Maze Challenge will allow your kids to build up to 85 different projects including different maze challenges, it even comes with a hand crank function just give your kids an alternative power source and best of all, it already comes with an easy to use push button, reed, LED and alarm switch and best of all, it already comes with a carrying case so kids can bring it anywhere they go.

You can buy the circuit builder set for only $19.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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