The Child’s Wooden Rocking Boat – A wooden rocker in the shape of a tugboat that lets children set sail on high-seas adventures

The Child’s Wooden Rocking Boat [SOURCE] is your kid’s perfect wooden rocker shaped like a tugboat so kids can enjoy an imaginary adventure into the high seas of course right at their very own backyard.

This wooden rocker is perfect for young sailors out there who loves to have their very own tugboat ride and because it is very easy to use, sailors simply push and pull the handle grips to start enjoying the rolling sensation of ocean waves.


The Child’s Wooden Rocking Boat

This rocking tugboat is 32 inches long and is constructed using a sturdy plywood and chrome materials enough to provide young sailors years of fun voyages with their friends or other family members.

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The Child’s Wooden Rocking Boat is equipped with nautical details partnered with non-toxic finishes and sturdy bench seat and best of all, it only weighs 13.5lbs.

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