The Child’s Wooden BBQ Playset – A toy wooden gourmet grill ready to fire up a young chef’s imagination

The Child’s Wooden BBQ Playset [SOURCE] is not just one of those ordinary grilling toys out there because this wooden gourmet grill will definitely fire up your kids cooking imagination.

Thanks to its included lifelike accessories complete with classic barbeque menu, kids will enjoy realistic grilling just like the one used by their mom and dad in the house.

Child's Wooden BBQ Playset

The Child’s Wooden BBQ Playset

Complete with burners, knobs that makes clicking noises when kids turned on the lid plus it even comes with a collapsible side table capable of holding all the accessories from condiment bottles, skewers, tongs and a lot more.

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Child's Wooden BBQ Playset

The Child’s Wooden BBQ Playset even comes with a 27-inches long grill that rolls easily so kids can bring it anywhere they want of course specially to their hungry guests and best of all, the playset is built with sustainable wood and plastic construction complete with non-toxic and child-safe finishes.

Read the rest of the features [HERE].

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