The Child’s Water Squirting Motorized Bumper Boat – allows children to zip around the water and blast friends and family with a built-in squirt nozzle

The Child’s Water Squirting Motorized Bumper Boat (available here) is your kids perfect inflatable bumper boat simply because besides its powerful motor feature, kids can easily roam around the pool because this inflatable bumper boat is motorized.

Another good feature about this bumper boat is that, it will allow your kids to blast water to other motorized bumper boats, thanks to its integrated squirt nozzle, enjoying the water by splashing while at the same time squirting with some water to their friends or even other family members will be more fun and exciting.

Water Squirting Motorized Bumper Boat

The Water Squirting Motorized Bumper Boat

This water squirting bumper boat even comes with a sturdy handlebars attached right to its propeller so kids can enjoy up to .82mph of speed of course on calm pool water and because this bumper boat can project water of up to 18 feet away, taking down other boat riders will not be a problem.

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Water Squirting Motorized Bumper Boat1

This Water Squirting Boat is made with sturdy PVC capable of holding riders of up to 100lbs and best of all, it is powered by 12v motor that uses 8-D batteries. Inflates in seconds and only measures 10x40x36 inches in height, length and width respectively. Weighs only 5.5lbs.

You can buy the inflatable and motorized bumper boat for only $99.95 with lifetime guarantee.

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